2.2 Architectural Control.  No improvements which will be visible above the ground or which will ultimately affect the visibility of any above ground improvement shall be built, erected, placed or materially altered on the Property, including without limitation, change of exterior colors or materials, unless and until the building or other plans, specifications, and plot plan have been reviewed in advance by the Architectural Committee and the same have been approved by the Committee.  The review and approval or disapproval may be based upon the following factors:   design and style elements, mass and form, value, topography, setbacks, exterior color and materials, physical or artistic conformity to the terrain and the other improvements on the Property which the Architectural Committee, in its reasonable discretion, deems relevant.  Said requirements as to the approval of the architectural design shall apply only to the exterior appearance of the improvements.  This Declaration is not intended to serve as authority for the Architectural Committee to control the interior layout or design of buildings except to the extent incidentally necessitated by use and size requirements.